Radiate value

Radiating with you

 At the end of your consultation period, a portion of the earnings and learnings of this consultancy will be made valuable to a carefully selected social/NGO to help excel them in carrying out their valuable work.

The selection criteria will be based on a set of variables that will be defined by you and us together.


Radiating with partners

Financial and personal excellence , yes that’s the journey worth undertaking . When you undertake this journey , you may need physical excellence too . An energetic body , fresh mind , ah how enjoyable this journey will become.

Meet Stefan Grassere ,

  Stefan, personal trainer by profession is specialize in training individuals from entry to advance levels with his following personal focus and styles: 

Training with correct posture

- Training with the proper technique

- Optimize functionality of movements and 

- exercise (utilizing bodyweight).

An energetic body and fresh mind guaranteed . 

Stefan and Mudit together can make you a valuable package deal on financial , personal and physical excellence , contact us ..



Your rendezvous with value

Saksena Consultant