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 Our Story

The year “2015”. The month October. The night Halloween. The city Venice. The theater-like environment, fresh wind and the moon in the sky triggered the ideas to get arranged, conceiving the thought of guiding business individual to achieve excellence, by being valuable. Saksena consultancy was born.

Our simple definitation of becoming valuable
The investment you are going to make financially, mentally and physically for a period of time must generate a handsome return respectively.

To implement this definition, this consultancy architected a framework of a concise, conceptual, challenging and spiritually oriented financial process. The process (LiCaAc) has three phases → lights (discovering you/business) → Camera (defining the variables) → Action (execution and control of variables). Time duration of this process may run for a period of 12 to 18 months.

Our scope

The consultancy is based in beautiful European charm of the Netherlands. The consultancy believes in real life face to face consultations, thus virtual world consultancy is currently out of our scope. Our process is universal and may be applied to almost major industries example being luxury fashion, entertainment, hospitality, hotels, retail, automotives and information services. 

Your rendezvous with value!

You take the actions we provide you consultation framework, together we go for an adventurous journey. The destination – the door to your dreams!


Our values

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Our Administrative Information 

KvK Number: 66302471 

- Registered at Chamber of Commerce Eindhoven, The Netherlands

BTW Number: NL252165871B01

Banker: Rabobank


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Your rendezvous with value

Saksena Consultant